Interteach: Personalised, integrated
learning and talent development for
primary schoolers

Relocating to a new and unfamiliar country like the Netherlands is exciting for anyone. After all, you’ll be among some of the friendliest, tallest, cheese and coffee-loving people in the world. For a parent, it’s understandable that there are additional considerations, particularly if you’re moving your children here for a few years or even longer. You obviously want them to enjoy the very best education, while also facilitating their integration into their new ‘homeland’.

This is why many expat families are choosing Interteach. This private Dutch primary school provides a personalised experience that focuses on developing each child’s unique strengths and challenges. The integrated curriculum in Dutch and English promotes bilingual academic excellence and an even smoother adjustment to their new community.

Educating innovative, global citizens

Interteach is a private primary school based in Oisterwijk, a town in the southern part of the Netherlands. Since 2008, Interteach has been educating primary and secondary school students from all over the world, both on- and offline. The guiding philosophy is to cultivate graduates who become global citizens and critical thinkers, ones who are prepared for tomorrow’s exciting yet challenging world. Providing a high-quality, innovative curriculum, with a strong focus on global awareness, is how Interteach encourages each student to reach their full potential.

Experience the delight of Dutch customs

Today’s expats are far more adventurous and invested in knowing more about the language, culture, cuisine and traditions of their new countries. Most expats feel it’s not only important but also highly beneficial to experience as much as they can about the place they now call home, even if it’s just temporarily.

Interteach students consist of both expat- and Dutch children. They also don’t just get to honour occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Chinese New Year at school, they also celebrate typical Dutch traditions like Sinterklaas and Kings Day! Having this exposure to national customs, and the chance to learn Dutch from native-speaking peers, is really key to a truly integrated experience for your children.

Top of the bill curriculum

Interteach uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a contemporary, educational program for children aged 5-11 years old. The IPC offers a comprehensive, thematic and creative curriculum with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals per subject. With input from several international programs from around the world, the IPC has a best-proven track record for excellence in each country. Additionally, the curriculum develops international mindedness and strongly encourages personal learning.

Personalised truly means personalised

At Interteach, great emphasis is placed on the individual needs of each student. Before the first course even takes place, your child(ren) will be asked to take a capacity assessment. This provides a clearer idea on which learning route is best for your child in order to promote their confidence and academic skill set. This assessment not only looks at one's intellect but also takes into account social skills. Within this small-scale learning community, comprised of different ages and levels, every child is able to flourish thanks to their personal learning plan.

Plus: Interteach has flexible opening hours. This private primary school is open from 7.00 until 19.00. Also, the extra time isn’t just used to focus more effectively on every student’s learning needs and interests, but also on what parents want out of the curriculum for their child.


Talent development is just as important

In addition to IPC, Interteach provides an extensive programme of options in terms of sports, arts and culture. In fact, the daily itinerary includes talent development for two hours daily. This philosophy of nurturing talent is currently what mainstream education often lacks. By working together closely with sports organisations, cultural institutions and the business community, Interteach is able to offer students a great variety of workshops and clinics in music, sports, arts and design in order to discover and nurture these talents to their fullest potential.

Engaged students are the most likely to thrive

Working with small groups of students (up to 10 per class), lessons are fully focused on the specific needs, talents and capabilities of your child. Interteach continuously strives to achieve the best possible results-driven education, taught by the most experienced teachers. Thanks to our individual approach, not only can we ensure each child receives the care they need, but also that classes are kept engaging and challenging at all times. We are convinced challenged students make the most diligent students. Interteach encourages them to broaden their horizons, a key skill for succeeding in today’s fast-paced world!

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To learn more about Interteach, please contact us via email or telephone. Our course advisors are ready and waiting to tell you more about our vision, methodology and proven track record. And, more importantly, to find out if we can tailor any benefits specific to your child’s unique educational path!


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  • Students are not bound by fixed school hours and are welcome from 07.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday
  • Open at least 48 weeks per year
  • Bilingual primary education as standard (NE-EN)
  • Language buddy for speakers of other languages
  • Maximum of 10 students per group
  • Differentiated teaching, tailored to the student
  • Individual attention for talent development
  • Daily lunch and evening meal
  • Holidays whenever you choose
  • Several locations worldwide
  • Use of International Primary Curriculum (IPC), enabling easy transfer worldwide, group 5 in the Netherlands = group 5 in China
  • Capacity test and, if necessary, further diagnostic testing and specialist guidance